Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Tease!! The Pack Break is loaded!!!!!!

After waiting what seemed like forever, the pack of 1986-87 Topps has finally arrived...and I will be recording the pack break for my blog shortly...Roy rc?????  God I hope so...



Sunday, January 8, 2012

A tease....UPDATED!!!!

Stopped by the LCS to get penny sleeves and bought 4 11-12 Black Diamond and 3 Pinnacle packs...

The results...a 1 of 1 auto and a ruby quad rc...as well as a jersey...will post more when home at scanner...



OK, sorry for the long delay...I am sure you have all been waiting so anxiously by your computers for hours in the hopes of getting a glimpse of my results...so wait no further!!

First off, I really like the design of the black diamond set again this year...which is all I am going to say about that!! Of the four packs purchased, it got a hit in EACH pack!!  A double (Getzlaf), and triple (Couture) diamond featuring stars of today, a Quad rookie, and a ruby quad rookie!!!  Not a bad way to start the collection I dare say!  I also feel bad for the next guy to come in looking for a big pull from that box, as I took out two of the handful in the box!!

One of the neat things I noticed right off the bat was the inclusion of stars of yesterday.  Now this is not exactly an uncommon practice for UD, as they have been doing it for some time in other releases (Artifacts, The Cup, Ultimate) .  However in this case, these stars are now included in the single diamonds, whereas in the past they had been in the double or above!  Case in point, I pulled cards for Mario Lemieux and Mark Messier, both of which are single diamonds.  I really like the Messier single, as its a very old photo of him in his Oilers uniform...which adds a really nice touch to the card:

This next card, was a surprise as I missed it in my first run through of the packs (since I was out my with my kids).  It is a quad rookie for Aaron Palushaj from the Canadians:

The quad rookie ruby is for Devante Smith-Pelly numbered 098/100.  He has played in 32 games for the Ducks and holds the distinction of being one of the only players with a hyphenated name in the league (unconfirmed since I don't have THAT much time on my hands):

As for the Pinnacle packs, I had two hits, a jersey and the auto.

The jersey is for a guy who started his career with the Edmonton Oilers WAY back in the mid-90's, and was just re-acquired by them from the Kings in the off-season.  He is having a great year with 32 points in 41 games and seems to be well on his way to his best season since 05-06, Mr Ryan Smyth:

Its interesting to note that the card itself talks nothing about Ryan's accomplishments, but about the Oilers and the team's accomplishments (something about 4 Stanley Cups with some guy named Gretzky, whoever that is...).

And last but certainly not least, we come to the grand-poo bah of hits from today...I did a double and triple take when I looked at the back of this bad boy just to make sure...I will refrain for any further blah-blah and let the card do the talking...

All I have to say is WOW!!!  This would now bring my total of 1/1 cards personally pulled from packs to two (three total if you include the printing plate pulled for me in a group break I participated in last year)...how sweet it is!!!!

Thanks for your time!!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Linked to the Android...

Finally got the damn Android to sync to Blogger...only took a month.

An on the fly shot of my dog and my card hall of fame on the wall in my half-man cave.