Sunday, July 31, 2011


They say that an idle mind is the devils playground...boy an I BORED...nothing to watch on the boob-tube...tired of looking through and sorting hockey are all doing their thing own things right now...the wife is napping...and here I am sitting at my table in the only place that I truly call my own...with nothing to do.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trading away!

I just completed a trade with Sal @ Puck Junk whereby I acquired a handful of 2003-04 Ice base cards (which, like the other Ice sets from the 2000's just don't seem to be out there from what I can see) and a few 2010-11 RCs as well as this nice Derek Roy Artifacts Patch card.  I am a sucker for patch cards since I have so few of them, and this one stood out to me...

In addition to the cards in the trade, Sal threw in a little suprise (knowing that I am a Caps fan) of some Washington Capitals police cards from 1986-87.  Growing up in the DC area, I picked up various promo cards over the years, but these were before I discovered the greatest game in the world so I had not seen them before.  The cards measure 2 5/8" by 3 3/4" and were issued in two-card panels. The front has a color action photo on white card stock, with player information and the Capitals' log below the picture. Inside a thin black border the back features a hockey tip "Caps tip", an anti-crime tip, and logos of sponsoring police agencies (ok, way too much detail for me I know...I kinda borrowed it from:

That stash on Dave Poile is so 80's...and that jacket on Bryan (I am pretty sure my father has that same jacket in his closet)...double UGH!!!!
One of the Caps all time greatest d-men, also refered to as the "Secretary of Defense", Rod Langway and current sidekick-color guy on local Caps TV broadcasts Craig Laughlin.

Do well in school and respect your parents???  Something beaten into us by our parent in the 70's and 80's which (IMHO) many kids just seem to be missing these days.

Overall some nice additions to my growing collection!  Thanks Sal!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where-O-Where Did the Hockey Card Addict Go???

Where-O-Where could he be???  Same place he has always been...of course!

Spring sprung in Connecticut and the lure of the great outdoors drew me outside to enjoy its plethora of tantalizing treats!  Gardening, mowing, whacking, digging, planting, pooling, walking, and girl ogling were all on the menu!!! 

Now that does not mean that my appetite for hockey cards was curbed tho, I have still been actively buying and selling on eBay and have picked up some cool lots of stuff for dirt cheap over the past few months.

A few things that caught my attention:

I like autos, but don't go out of my way to buy them unless its something that interests me.  These made up part of a buy-it-now lot that included a few BAP duals and SP Authentic FW autos.   Not something I have seen before, so I wanted them for my collection.  These were never used, so the scratch-off bar code on the back is still intact.

Growing up in DC, I watched Bondra from his first few games in 1990 until his retirement after the 05-06 season.  Always one of my favorite players, an exciting mix of speed and skill was always on display!  I actually picked up one of these a few years back, but sent it to one of my buddies still in the DC area that is a massive Bondra fan.  I have been on the lookout for this card for a few years, but when I came across a lot that included this card recently (as well as one for Kenny Jonsson from the same set as well as a Marcel Dionne stick card and few throw away SPX jersey RCs from early 2000's), I had to get it!!!

Of course, no good post would be complete without a few scans of cards pulled from packs!!  Money has been REALLY tight, so the number of packs being purchased has been down...but still managed a few nice pulls:

Pulled this from a pack of 10-11 Donruss just the other day.  With the Caps being my squad, this was squeal like a little girl seeing a mouse kinda pull for me!! 

Surprisingly, with the sheer number of packs of UD purchased over the past 5 years, you would have thought I would have hit at least one of these before now...but alas that was not the case until 10-11 Series II.  First one pulled was this Eric Belanger card...not exactly a superstar, but hey I was not going to complain!!  Of course the second one made my month!!  Super sweet pull!!!

Pulled these two in consecutive packs of 10-11 Pinnacle from my LCS...not a bad couple of packs!!  Is it me, or does it look like Taylor Hall had a botox treatment on his lips???

That's all for now, I hope to get back into the blogging swing as summer comes to a close and the boys start back...till then remember, you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you cannot pick your friends nose!!!