Friday, October 14, 2011

10-11 Pinnacle Pack Break #1

Yes, it is me in all of my geeky glory...coming to you live from my basement (sort of).  Stopped by Dicks Sporting Goods earlier and they had a number of single packs discounted so I figured I would give em a shot.  I picked up two Pinnacle (for $1.97 each) and six 10-11 O-Pee-Chee (@ $.97 each).  Eight packs for a little over 10 bucks...

Here is my first ever pack break via web cam...oh me mother would be so proud.

Thanks for your support!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recent Hits - 2011-12 Artifacts

Stopped by my LCS last weekend to get me a few packs of the 11-12 Artifacts and boy am I glad I did...I bought three packs total...set me back $30, but it was well worth it!

Overall I like the design this year, not to crazy with pillars and other things in the background.

A sample of a few of the base cards:

Three packs got me three hits!!

My first hit:

Not a bad start.

Second hit:

YEAH!  Nice hit!!

and last but not least...probably one of my best pulls in a very long time...

A Frozen Artifacts Jerseyes Patches Emerald #FATH Taylor Hall #03/35!!

I would say I got my moneys worth!!!  WOOHOO!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It Begins Again...

During the first week of October every year, a quest begins to take home one of the most sought after and difficult to win trophies in professional sports...the holy grail that all of those who play the game look to is a grueling test of wills, stamina, and guts...with the prize being awarded to a select few who pay the ultimate sacrifice to hoist it high into the air and kiss it with leaves the men who win it in various states of euphoria with some crying and babbling like babies from its magnificence...

With the start of the quest and in order to understand the pain that goes with this annual rite of passage, a sacrifice must be made...its very simple, give up something you love in order to appease and honor those who came must be made with no pause for thought, just let the sacrifice go and pray to the hockey gods to grant your team and its players the honor to play for the rite to be immortalized on its cool metal body forever...

The sacrifice must be made before the first puck drops on the new season...

The eve of the season is upon us and the sacrifice has been prepared...the only thing left to do is offer it up...It is coming...ARE YOU READY?????

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mail Day - Part Three - Super Patch Saturday!!

Overall, I am not a big fan of any of the Hot Prospects sets issued by Upper Deck/Fleer over its three year run (05/06 - 07/08)...with one exception.  All three sets featured a large number of rookie cards that contained a sticker autograph and an event used jersey swatch.  However, these are no ordinary swatches as they are all (based upon the cards I have seen) patch cards.  Take the following Nicklas Bergfors card from the set:

I just picked this one up from a seller earlier in the week for a few bucks.  Not a bad little patch, with the white seem running through the middle, and a black on on the far left barely visible. 

This however, is just the start.  I happened upon a seller on eBay who listed about 10-12 more of these cards from the same year.  Money was tight, but I was able to secure six more cards from this set for about $4.00 each...and the patches just got better and you will see:

Three color patch...not bad eh??  Looks to be from his number and its all patch, no jersey here!!  Keep going!
Very nice two seem three color swatch.

Yet another two seem three color swatch.  Looks to be from his number. 
How about a three seem three color patch???  The auto is pretty good as well.  Only a few left...saving the best for last!!!
Yup, four color three seem...patch plus jersey!  Love the auto as well.  Nice how he has incorporated his jersey number into the T.J.!!
And last but not least!!!

Yup, that is all patch!!!  I have spent some time looking at the teams jersey, but just cannot seem to find where the piece came from, but man it is nice looking!!!
So, I am certainly looking to complete this set at this point.  Of the 56 cards that carry the patch/auto, I now have 11.  Not a bad start if I don't say so myself!  I could have had a few more, but lost track of time and was outbid on 4 more at the last second by a quarter each...don't you just hate that!!!

Till later...