Friday, September 30, 2011

Mail Day - Part Two - The eBay Pick-Ups x2

Just a few more items I picked up that I wanted to share...

These first three all came in a lot that had a picture of a number of random cards, including these three, and listed "Lot Of Game Used Autos And Rookie Cards Nhl Hockey".  I had seen it floating around before but had passed, but for some reason I decided to bid on it ($5.00 + free shipping)...not sure why.  The description stated that "This lot will include:  2 rookie cards ( young guns or victory rookie) or 1 of each :), 1 auto, 2 game used! 2 of them are numbered So total you'll receive 5 cards!"  Yet another red flag to me (like no picture) that I might end up with a big old steaming pile of crap...but here are a few of the cards that arrived:

It also included a Ryan Hollweg Young Gun and a few other RCs that I already had, but for a five spot it seems like I did OK.

I also picked the following up in some single purchases:

I took a chance and bid on this OV jersey...Not the greatest swatch, but I will take it.

The back of the card states:  Though he now skates for the Calgary Flames, Craig donned this St. Louis Blues sweater from 1996-97 to 2000-01.  The back of the card features a picture of him in his St. Louis jersey!  Just a little bit of a mis-match, but not a bad little patch piece.

Only $.99 cents was the right price for this three color swatch of the (now) Calgary Flames F Rene Bourque.

Mail Day - Part Two - The eBay Pick-ups

Yes yes, I know, it has been a LONG time coming and any of you that have been waiting can finally relax, it has arrived. 

Sometimes you just have to wonder why some sellers don't put more into their listings...especially something as important as...say...a picture or a scan?  Case in point, rather, two cases in point highlight some of my recent pick-ups...both from the same seller and both did not provide a picture of the items up for auction.  Now typically I try to avoid these like the plague since if they don't/can't take the time to post a picture of the item(s), how do you know if they really have them (or just as bad, taking the "stock" photo from the Upper Deck website)??   Now I give the seller credit as they listed all of the cards that were in each lot in the description, but still, unless you take the time to look at the it, would you really never know what was in there??  How many times have you been scrolling through page after page of eBay listings and happen upon something that catches your EYE that gets you to look at it further and read the description?  Its all about how you dress it up!!
For these two, I decided it was worth it...and I am SO glad I did...

The first lot (link:  LOT ONE) simply stated "06-07 SP Game Used GOLD CARDS ROY + others".  Starting price was $4.50 (yet another deterrent for some people).  The description stated the following: 

You have jersey cards and numbered cards. All Gold. They are:

#92 Alexander Steen card 068/100
#53 Patrick Roy card 046/100
#22 Martin Havlat card 010/100
AF-SK Saku Koivu jersey card 35/100
AF-SU Steve Sullivan jersey card 100/100

So what did I get you ask???  How about as stated???

Very not bad if I say so myself!!!  This one ended up costing me $4.50 plus a little for shipping!

The second lot (link: LOT TWO) was also simply stated as "2010-11 Crown Royale, RC's" OK...really???   Starting price on this one was $4.99.  The description (and yes they mis-spelled "your"):

These great rookie cards will help you complete yourf set. The cards are priced to sell, so don't be afraid to bid. The cards included are:

#139 Kyle Clifford 128/499         
#145 Anders Lindback (2) 334/499, 490/499
#146 Marcus Johansson 249/499   
#165 T. J. Brodie 200/499
#166 Luke Adam 219/499   
#171 Nick Palmieri 340/499
#172 Kyle Palmieri 361/499

Seeings as how it included a RC for MoJo from my squad I figured what the heck??  So what did I get???  Lets see:

WOW!  All hard signed RCs!  What a sweet find and very welcome additions!! 

So for about $13.00 I think I made out pretty good, do you agree???

I have a few more eBay finds that I will post "shortly"...haha...



Monday, September 19, 2011


Watching Senators-Leafs via NHL GameCenter Live...LIVE HOCKEY!!! WOO HOO!!!  Oh how we missed ye!!!!!

Tyler Bozak is just flying around the ice and is looking good...

Mail Day - Part One - The Trades

Just a few recent pick-ups from some fellow bloggers:

Paul at Cardboarded ( sent me over the following Hasek SPX Jersey for a MVP Stanley Cup Edition Gold Script (he also sent me some cards I was needing from my want list):

Thanks Paul!!!

Dave at Wax Stain Rookie ( sent me a number of cards in exchange for an equal number going back (all New Jersey Devils of course..which should be there ANY day Dave) that included the following:

Former Capital Jason Allison

I already had this card, but mine was a crappy white swatch, so this was a very welcome addition!  Since its game used and blue (and not the current bit of blue that is on their jersey's right now I believe), there is a chance it could have been from his rookie season...or 06-07...either way...still not a crappy white swatch!!

Three more Young Guns to move a little closer (sort of) to having the 2007-08 set.

Thanks Dave!!!

And last but not least, Sal from Puck Junk ( sent me the following:

This is one from the set I have been looking to get for a while...

Thanks Sal!!!

Please take the time to visit my fellow bloggers sites and give them some love!!  I surf around to their sites (at least) 3-4 times a week and there is almost always something new and interesting to read (unlike here where I just don't have the time I would like to spend on it)!!

Thanks again guys and I look forward to dealing with each of you again in the very near future!!

Mail Day - Part Two - eBay Acquisitions will be forthcoming with some recent eBay steals...sorry...DEALS!!!!  Try not to lose too much sleep waiting for this one...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


You know where you were on this day 10 years ago...that feeling of venerability, emptiness, of loss, for someone you knew that were consumed by the events of that day or for just your fellow Americans.  Many of the wounds have healed, replaced by scars…its time to reopen those wounds and remember…and do not forget that this is a reality of the modern world that will never go away…its was a day that welcomed America into the brotherhood of terror that so many others around the world live with each and every day… today is a day to remember those feelings of sadness, venerability, and American Pride!!  Grieve for those lost…but remember, Democrat or Republican, right or left, conservative or liberal…WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!

Today is a day to remember those feelings of sadness, venerability, and American Pride!!  We have lost a lot of this pride over the past years.  We are a country divided in many or white, rich or poor, old or young, Democrat or Republican, right or left, conservative or liberal…put it aside and grieve for those lost…but remember, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!   Stand up and be proud!!  Fly on a plane, visit the city, continue on and be an American.  If we stop, then the terrorists have won...put away our partisan ways and join together in giving those who wish to hurt us a big old middle finger and tell them that they have not won, nor will they!

I, like many of you, watched in utter horror and disbelief as the day progressed and further details came to light on the…unfathomable…events that took part on that day.  I recall coming home to find my wife holding our [then] young son watching the newscasts…why can’t they just leave us alone she asked?  That night in bed, alone, I wept for those lost…some of whom I had worked with only briefly (at AON and Marsh) when I will still in DC…but mostly for those who had lost so much on what had started out as a glorious fall day.

These types of outright and unjustifiable acts of hatred are common place in other parts of the world…suicide bombers attack on an almost daily basis in the middle east where living with the threat of extremist violence is real.  Never us, never here…the talking heads always used to say.  Sure, we have had a few episodes of terror inflicting its wrath on the American psyche, the first Twin Towers bombing, the Uni-bomber, Oklahoma City, Columbine, and of course 9/11.

Remember...never forget...GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am at a loss for words...

A plane crash in Russia has claimed the lives of a number of current KHLers and former NHLers including Coach Brad McCrimmon, forward Pavol Demitra, defenseman Ruslan Salei, forward Josef Vasicek, defenseman Karel Rachunek, forward Jan Marek, forward Alexander Vasyunov, defenseman Karlis Skrastins and goalie Stefan Liv.

The plane was also carrying former NHLers Igor Korolev and Alexander Karpovtsev.

So sad...too many players gone...Rypien, Boogaard, Cavanagh, Belak.