Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Finnish Flash

WOW!!  Watching the end of the Montreal/Anaheim game on the NHL Network (by way of TSN's HNIC)!!  I have not seen much of Teemu Selanne over the past few years, but my god the guy still has is hard to imagine that he is 40 years old....

BTW, Montreal fans are tops in my book...the standing ovation they just gave Saku Koivu when he was announced as a star of the game was incredible!!!  Awesome!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beckett Online

WTF is wrong with Beckett's pricing guide site?  It is ALWAYS slow and errors out all the time!  Does anyone else use the site and have you experienced the same thing?  It is so damn frustrating...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

NFL NFC Championship

Wow, can we have a better match-up in the NFL Championship next weekend with the Green Bay Packers going to Chicago to play the Bears?  Two bitter division rivals that have done this dance so many times in the past...OH baby!!!!  SO looking forward to next Sunday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RIP Tom Cavanagh

Fans of the San Jose Sharks and hockey card collectors may recall this name.  Tom played for the Sharks in a number of games over a few season but spent the majority of his career playing in the AHL for the Sharks farm club in Worchester Mass, as well as in Manchester NH, and Springfield MA.  His rookie cards appear in the 2008-09 Upper Deck issues.  He has been immortalized thanks to his cards and will be remembered by many.  Is always sad when someone so young passes, no matter if they are in the public eye or not.  I did not know him personally, but something about this stuck with me and I wanted to share. A link to an article:  ProJo Article  Thanks.


Repent all ye sinners for the time for redemption is upon us!!!!  Prepare for the wrath of the SNOPOCALYPSE!!!!  Get your TP, PT, bread, milk, spare batteries, and snack foods for ye shall be stranded in your house for days, weeks, months or even years!!!! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

da Saints

I dare say that the New Orleans Saints spent too much time reading their press clippings this past week and not enough preparing for the Seahawks...Its not over yet (3:00 minutes left), but the fat lady is SO cleaning them pipes getting ready to bellow!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Early-2000 Pack Breaks

I stopped collecting in 1998 after the birth of my first son, and did not pick the hobby back up until after the needless to say I missed out on a LOT of cards during that time.  I have slowly been trying to fill in the gaps, but I have found that acquiring cards from this period of time has been a bit of challenge...

So I happened upon a seller who had two auctions ending within a few days of each other loaded with unopened hockey packs from the early-2000's.  I thought that it was worth the money since I don't have a ton of cards from those years.  The price tag on both auctions was $25 for 50+ packs with $10 shipping.  I decided to give both of the them a shot and ended up winning both auctions.  Here is a breakdown on the packs I won:

7 01/02 Upper Deck Series 2
7 01/02 UD MVP
13 01/02 UD Vintage
19 00/01 SP Authentic
1 01/02 Stanley Cup
1 01/02 UD Challenge for the Cup
13 2002 Between the Pipes
3 2002 Topps Archives
1 01/02 SP Authentic
6 01/02 Topps
3 01/02 Stadium Club
3 01/02 Top Shelf
6 01/02 Spx
11 01/02 Challenge for the Cup
8 00-01 Topps Chrome
2 01/02 UD Ice

They arrived today and I anxiously began the ripping...I started with the packs I was less interested in and moved my way up...what did I find???

From a Topps Chrome Pack:

Not bad right?  Well I moved onto the Topps Archive packs next...and looky what we pulled out of the last pack...

WHOA BABY!!! We hit pay dirt, and in the set of packs I never expected any real hits!!!  No sticker autos here people...that's all card baby!!! 

Unfortunately, the next sets failed to live up to their predecessor's accomplishments: 01/02 UD MVP, 01/02 UD Vintage, 01/02 Stadium Club, 01/02 Topps. A few RCs and inserts, but nothing really special.  In fact, there were a few of the Topps packs that had cards fused together so bad I ended up tossing them all...oh win some you lose some right?

So having gone through the packs I was semi-interested in, it left a nice stack of packs left to rip...on we go...

The UD Ice packs were a HUGE let down since some of the cards were stuck together and ended up getting damaged when I was separating them.  I did get a numbered redemption for the Devils which expired nearly a decade ago...too bad.

The Series 2 packs yielded three YGs (no one really worth mentioning), one insert, and a JP Dumont Exclusives numbered 080/100.  I lost a few of these cards as well since they were stuck friggin annoying...

Next was the Challenge for the Cup...which ended up being not much of a challenge since it yielded NOTHING!  Not one card other than base!  BOOOOOOOO!!!

I moved onto the BTP cards.  The second pack in revealed yet another hit which made me squeal like a little girl (ok, maybe not that bad, but I was pretty excited)...

2001-02 Between the Pipes Masks #13 Patrick Roy!!
WOW, I had seen these in auctions in the past, but never in person...VERY NICE!!!  I was pleased...but a few packs later what did find???

2001-02 Between the Pipes Masks #1 Jacques Plante
VERY NICE!  I also got the Lalime card from the set...color me pleased!!!

Next I ripped the Top Shelf packs and pulled a no-name rookie and base cards...

The SPX packs were next and yielded plenty of base and SPs, but no rookies...

Next to last I opened the Stanley Cup pack...and pulled two base cards and...

2001-02 UD Stanley Cup Champs Sticks #SJJ Jaromir Jagr
Well now...this is has to be the cat's meow huh???  SA-WEET!!!!!

Lastly, I ripped the 20 SP packs...they yielded a number of nice inserts including a Gretzky Power Skaters insert, one rookie (Michael Riesen), plenty of base cards, and Sakic All-Time Greats card...oh yeah, did I mention that I also pulled a Sign of the Times auto??  I didn't???  Well...

Another on-card auto and for one of the best defensemen in the NHL over the past two decades!!!

I still have to sort through the cards, but I am pretty sure I hit on all of the biggies...

I am thrilled with my pulls and had a great time opening all of the packs...happy days!!!  Well worth my time and money!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slow News Day or Small City News???

I listen to a lot of radio these days with my commute to and from the office being 45 minutes each way...

Lead news story on the 5:00 pm news break on the local AM station...Lead Story 1/06/11!

That's right, brave police dogs in the City of Springfield MA, Justice and Nitro, have passed away within days of one another!!!  Now before all of you conspiracy theroists get your panties all up in the was natural causes...or so they say???!!! 

Now this is the cutting edge journalism that you can expect from the third largest city in Massachusetts ladies and gentlemen!!!  Small market radio at its finest on display!!!  This story trumped the swearing in of Mass' govenor for his second term and the reading of the U.S. Constitution in Congress...

Speaking of the reading of the Constitution, someone shouted out "except Obama, except Obama" just as Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., was reading "no person, except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States" is eligible for the presidency.  I understand that Rep. John Boehner began crying as they escorted the heckler out...

Speaking of John Boehner, his crying fits in Congress have become a national headline (and punchline) recently...frankly all I can think of when I hear of him crying at the drop of a dime is the episode of Seinfield where Jerry had the girlfriend who cried over everything...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trading done right!

I just picked up a few cards I has been looking to acquire since the release of 2010-11 Upper Deck Series One in November.  Thanks to Paul over at Cardboarded for sending over these cards!  Please give his blog a view if you have a chance!

I am a huge Capitals and Ovechkin fan, so getting this SPed card is an essential to my collection!

I like how Upper Deck uses some of the hottest rookie in any given year to adorn the checklist of the set that features them...not only that but I am building the whole Series One set, so this was a important pickup for me!