Sunday, September 11, 2011


You know where you were on this day 10 years ago...that feeling of venerability, emptiness, of loss, for someone you knew that were consumed by the events of that day or for just your fellow Americans.  Many of the wounds have healed, replaced by scars…its time to reopen those wounds and remember…and do not forget that this is a reality of the modern world that will never go away…its was a day that welcomed America into the brotherhood of terror that so many others around the world live with each and every day… today is a day to remember those feelings of sadness, venerability, and American Pride!!  Grieve for those lost…but remember, Democrat or Republican, right or left, conservative or liberal…WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!

Today is a day to remember those feelings of sadness, venerability, and American Pride!!  We have lost a lot of this pride over the past years.  We are a country divided in many or white, rich or poor, old or young, Democrat or Republican, right or left, conservative or liberal…put it aside and grieve for those lost…but remember, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!!!   Stand up and be proud!!  Fly on a plane, visit the city, continue on and be an American.  If we stop, then the terrorists have won...put away our partisan ways and join together in giving those who wish to hurt us a big old middle finger and tell them that they have not won, nor will they!

I, like many of you, watched in utter horror and disbelief as the day progressed and further details came to light on the…unfathomable…events that took part on that day.  I recall coming home to find my wife holding our [then] young son watching the newscasts…why can’t they just leave us alone she asked?  That night in bed, alone, I wept for those lost…some of whom I had worked with only briefly (at AON and Marsh) when I will still in DC…but mostly for those who had lost so much on what had started out as a glorious fall day.

These types of outright and unjustifiable acts of hatred are common place in other parts of the world…suicide bombers attack on an almost daily basis in the middle east where living with the threat of extremist violence is real.  Never us, never here…the talking heads always used to say.  Sure, we have had a few episodes of terror inflicting its wrath on the American psyche, the first Twin Towers bombing, the Uni-bomber, Oklahoma City, Columbine, and of course 9/11.

Remember...never forget...GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!

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