Friday, September 30, 2011

Mail Day - Part Two - The eBay Pick-Ups x2

Just a few more items I picked up that I wanted to share...

These first three all came in a lot that had a picture of a number of random cards, including these three, and listed "Lot Of Game Used Autos And Rookie Cards Nhl Hockey".  I had seen it floating around before but had passed, but for some reason I decided to bid on it ($5.00 + free shipping)...not sure why.  The description stated that "This lot will include:  2 rookie cards ( young guns or victory rookie) or 1 of each :), 1 auto, 2 game used! 2 of them are numbered So total you'll receive 5 cards!"  Yet another red flag to me (like no picture) that I might end up with a big old steaming pile of crap...but here are a few of the cards that arrived:

It also included a Ryan Hollweg Young Gun and a few other RCs that I already had, but for a five spot it seems like I did OK.

I also picked the following up in some single purchases:

I took a chance and bid on this OV jersey...Not the greatest swatch, but I will take it.

The back of the card states:  Though he now skates for the Calgary Flames, Craig donned this St. Louis Blues sweater from 1996-97 to 2000-01.  The back of the card features a picture of him in his St. Louis jersey!  Just a little bit of a mis-match, but not a bad little patch piece.

Only $.99 cents was the right price for this three color swatch of the (now) Calgary Flames F Rene Bourque.

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