Saturday, December 18, 2010

Group Break

Just participated in my second group break earlier tonight...a case of Black Diamond 2010-11.  I had three seats and ended up with Minnesota, Dallas and Edmonton.  One of the guys was desperate for the Oilers so he offered my all four of his teams...Tampa, Rangers, Sens, and Sharks for the Oilers.  So I took it (would you???). 

He ended up getting a Hall quad RC, but I think I ended up one better.  Three quad jerseys Gaborik, Malone, and Lundqvist (the Lundy card was like four or five colors...SICK), Stephan quad RC, and a number of other Ice/BD rooks...

All in all I think I did well...

I will post up a link to the GB page and some scans of my cards from this break once I get them.

The guy with Pittsburgh was the real winner though...Crosby Quad Jersey numbered to 10, Crosby base quad ruby (numbered out of 100), Hardware Heroes Crosby, and a few others...very nice stuff I must admit (even though I sell every single decent Crosby card I get to make a buck or two since I don't like the guy).

BTW, here is a link to the site with pictures from the first break I participated in.

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