Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010-11 Black Diamond Group Case Break #1

I participated in my first group case break a few weeks ago put on by Eric @  I ended up with Nashville and New Jersey as my two teams and did ok...the guy with Boston did better than ok by getting a Seguin Ice RC numbered out of 99, plus Seguin's BD quad RC & the ruby version (numbered out of 100).

Here are scans of some of the cards I picked up:


  1. Cool I've always wanted to join one of those...I noticed your blog on "Drop Your Gloves" site...I'm fairly new at blogging also my website is...
    If you have time check it out

  2. Any of these available for trade? I am a huge Devils fan and I am sure I might have something you are interested in.

    If interested email me at
    forestrydave at