Monday, December 5, 2011

Recent Hits - 2011-12 Certified

Its been a while I know, things have been a little too crazy recently.

I picked up some packs recently of the Certified variety from the LCS.  I had little success in buying Certified packs last year, with only one decent Jersey (granted it was a Carey Price Fabrics #23/25), a hand full of parallels, a lot of base and no autos or you can imagine my hesitation in spending close to $10 a pack from my LCS for the current version...

So I dropped $40 and picked up four packs from a freshly opened box (I should know since I opened it myself) and I am glad I did with hits coming out of three of the packs including a Mirror Red Lecavalier #096/199 as well as the following two cards:

The second hit was nice surprise since I failed to get any of these from last year's set!

A week or so later, I swung back to the store and picked up a few more packs...the next card was a bit hard to take given tragic events that transpired during the off season with this player...

Its hard to imagine that at some point in 2011 this card was in his much, that I don't have anything left to say...


  1. whoa. one of the few times a pack break ever stops and makes you think.

  2. Yeah it really does...I am happy to have this card part of my collection...even though his story is so sad.