Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RIP Tom Cavanagh

Fans of the San Jose Sharks and hockey card collectors may recall this name.  Tom played for the Sharks in a number of games over a few season but spent the majority of his career playing in the AHL for the Sharks farm club in Worchester Mass, as well as in Manchester NH, and Springfield MA.  His rookie cards appear in the 2008-09 Upper Deck issues.  He has been immortalized thanks to his cards and will be remembered by many.  Is always sad when someone so young passes, no matter if they are in the public eye or not.  I did not know him personally, but something about this stuck with me and I wanted to share. A link to an article:  ProJo Article  Thanks.

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  1. it's too sad. sometimes personal demons are too overwhelming I guess.
    I think I'll go hug my kids right now...