Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recent Hits - 2011-12 Artifacts

Stopped by my LCS last weekend to get me a few packs of the 11-12 Artifacts and boy am I glad I did...I bought three packs total...set me back $30, but it was well worth it!

Overall I like the design this year, not to crazy with pillars and other things in the background.

A sample of a few of the base cards:

Three packs got me three hits!!

My first hit:

Not a bad start.

Second hit:

YEAH!  Nice hit!!

and last but not least...probably one of my best pulls in a very long time...

A Frozen Artifacts Jerseyes Patches Emerald #FATH Taylor Hall #03/35!!

I would say I got my moneys worth!!!  WOOHOO!!!!


  1. Well done! Hodgson and Hall are awesome!

  2. Nice hits! Let me know if you willing to trade for that Hodgson